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Do you know that the average viewer stops ingesting information after 60 seconds? How do you keep them engaged? Traditional advertising has gone the way of the dodo bird so let us create engaging, entertaining branded content for you and with you. Using creative approaches to advertising through short web-based vignettes, we’ll show you exactly how many people are viewing and for how long. Let us know when you’re ready to create ad-vertainment for your brand!

Gilette Divers
Gilette World Sport
Microsoft Fitness
Gilette World Sport
Microsoft Food
Microsoft Fashionista
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Interactive Content

Interactive Branded Content is the coolest and most effective way to bring your brand into the hands of the people at your event, conference or at your facility! Basically we make experiences where people play motion controlled games with each other, that are geared toward your product or event.  We work with brands to determine the best creative and user experience to represent the message, interaction and brand inclusivity they want to convey. 

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Magdalen Island Museum
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Man Hunt Game at Pride
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FedEx Interactive Table
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Redefining Who You Are

Branding and Design

We’ve helped our clients completely rebrand from top to tail! Brand pillars, vision, mission, defining their brand, their target, their story, and their voice. We go beyond just design and truly tell our clients stories.

Elevate branding and design

We collaborated with our friends at Elevate Beauty Loft and help define their brand, target, story, voice and design. It was such an honour to be a part of the name change, digital marketing strategy and social media strategy.

X-projects branding and design

We worked with our friends at X-Projects and did “branding from scratch’“. We started with just 2 co-founders resumes and were able to put together a cohesive branding package from beginning to finish,

Yosvanii branding and design

Working with Yosvanii was such a thrill. Together we worked on all branding, the website, digital marketing, strategic planning and social media.

The Next Evolution of Learning


Framework has expanded our offerings to include the Gamification of Training. Let us innovate your training practices and create custom games that will not only improve information retention, but will create an exciting and collaborative work culture when on boarding. 

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