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About Our Creative Studio

Framework Creative Content is a Toronto-based creative agency founded in 2009. We focus on film production, branding, design, and interactive experiences. We deliver creative content that celebrates who you are: your vision, voice, and brand. Our goal is to help grow our clients’ businesses through meaningful and engaging digital media that inspires, educates and entertains.

Larissa Primeau is the creative force behind Framework Creative Content. She has brought together a dynamic and innovative team who can scale from a single-person shoot to a fully crewed TV segment, commercial, corporate project and complete re-brand.

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Our Approach

Creative Philosophy


Framework Creative is a multi-disciplinary agency that focuses on telling stories the most creative way possible.


We tap into our team of creative nerds to find the best way to tell your story. Whether that’s from video to interactive to design, we will deliver your messaging in the most compelling way possible.
Framework delivers a seamless workflow for you and your team and work collaboratively with you to not only deliver content but have fun along the way.

We understand the stress you’re under – tight budgets and deadlines, a mountain of work, and unreasonable expectations. It doesn’t have to be that way when it comes to creating interesting digital media content.

Framework Creative Content delivers a seamless workflow for you and your team. We offer pre-production planning, production, editing, feedback, changes, and deliver final files.

Our Team

Experts in their Field

Directors/ Producers

The good news is Framework employs the bossiest people around, which makes incredible Producers and Directors! Always on time and on budget, our directing and producing teams are great at their job and fun to work with.


Editing is as much a part of the story as shooting and writing. At Framework our editors aren't just masters of the edit, they are storytellers and artists.

Branding Experts

You’ve definitely seen some of the work our incredible branding experts have been a part of. Some of that may or may not include gorgeous graffiti in the streets of Toronto.


Our writers are the most talented people at Framework and in the world, not to mention unbelievably attractive. They are also the people writing this.


Directors of Photography (or DOP's) are the masters behind the camera. With the best gear and the a crazy amount of talent Framework's DOP's are cream of the crop. You've definitely seen their work either on television or the big screen or maybe some viral cat video.


In other world, total artsy hipsters. Our designers come from all walks of life and have such diverse experience that some times we can get borderline weird, but weird is cool. Right?
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